Cais do Sodr√© is situated in central Lisbon on the bank of Tagus River.  A key landmark in the neighbourhood is Mercado da Ribeira (also known as Mercado 24 de Julho) which has been the city's main market since it opened in 1892.  The market is now owned and managed by Time Out LIsbon, and continues to be a heritage building with a grand oriental dome, and an interior mostly made of iron.

The EDP (Energias de Portugal) new headquarters is designed by architect Manuel Aires Mateus, who is also involved with the rejuvenation of Lisbon 8 Building.  The EDP office building is expected to be completed by the 2015. Approved by the Lisbon Town Council, the project is integrated in the plan to boost the area around Cais do Sodre.


This emblematic building is located right in the centre of Historical Lisbon and offers amazing views of the city and the Tagus river . It is just beside the city's main transportation hub, where the city's bus, metro, train and ferry terminal all converge.

The area of Cais do Sodre, is a vibrant neighourhood buzzing with both locals and tourists where the Lisbon's original historic food market, Mercardo da Ribeira, is now a smorgasbord of gourmet food stalls operated by Time Out Lisbon.